Day 3

We got a fresh start with full tanks and a good rest. We rode a bit of pavement to Pyramid lake and then back to dirt.

From here to Gerlach it was fast, wide dirt roads with big, open scenery. The weather was a bit warm, but very comfortable while riding. Here's Dale looking for the gremlin in his bike that was making strange noises. Never found it, but no problems either.

Here's our first view of the Smoky Desert. I'm busy navigating I guess.

Gerlach is at the southern end of the Black Rock desert. This is probably the only place between Reno and the OR border that has a gas station! Our fuel range was about 170 - 200 miles and this was very much a part of our route planning. Here's Dale gassing up his hi-tech fuel cels.

In the late afternoon we left Gerlach and headed across the playa. The playa is a huge dry lake bed. I think we rode about 20 miles across to the far side. Right now it’s really torn up from all the vehicles attending Burning Man a few weeks ago.

On day 6 we had playtime on the playa, which was AWESOME! More about that is coming up. Navigation is a bit weird. It’s a lot like boating. I wanted to find a particular point on the other side, but wasn’t sure where to aim on the opposite shore. Here's the far side (north end) of the playa.

Leaving the playa. Dale is the tiny white spot on the upper right. The "Black Rock" is on the left.

Eventually we found the Applegate/Lassen Emigrant Trail. This was a popular route for wagon trains way back when. Today it’s a very scenic 4x4 road that attracts visitors.

Here's Black Rock Hot Spring. Yes it really is hot, no we didn't want to get in.

We camped that night near Double Hot Springs. It's 180 degrees and people have cooked themselves to death in it. The night sky was amazing. No big city lights for 100 miles or more makes for an incredible view of the stars. I didn’t realize there was so much stuff moving around up there! Shooting stars, planes, moving lights, satellites? It’s absolutely, completely quiet also. No sound whatsoever.

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