High - Low Dual Sport Ride

August 2009

Don led John and I on a great ride of trails and roads. This was a day of fantastic single track!
The trails are all about 1.5 hrs away from Sacramento. I ain't saying exactly where...The creek
is the low point, and you'll see the high points shortly.

Here's Don, our fearless leader.

Don and the view.

John and his KTM.

Our lunch stop and my new-used KTM 400.

That's the trail going up the middle. It's 21 miles of single track on top of the ridge all the way! EPIC views!


John and Don.

Don on his "campground bike."

All said and done we did about 98 miles. There was a fair bit of dirt and asphalt to connect all these places. That's what the dual sport bikes are for.

John's comment sums it up well:

"O.M.G. Never, I mean Never have I done the amount of single track total elevation changes as we did on this ride.
This ride absolutely freaking ROCKS! And yes, there were plenty of them. The pace was great. Very few stops, pretty much ride the entire
day with about a 15 min break for lunch. By the end of the ride I had exhausted my water supply which is rare for me.
I'd say this is got to be one of the best rides I have EVER done. Thanks Don. Thanks Nelson."

EPIC ride!