August, 2005

The Mission
Last year Imre and I rode our motorcycles on a week-long loop around Southern California, so this year?? Obvious. The State must be finished off by doing a Northern California loop.

The Adventurers
Imre Golden: Motorcycle enthusiast with limited riding experience, but lots of enthusiasm. His mount: Suzuki SV650S, a sweet V-twin sport bike.

Nelson Hallgren: Self-proclaimed motorcycle junkie since age 10 - maybe too much experience. His bike: Suzuki SV650, similar to Imre’s but no bodywork and different riding position. Obviously the cooler of the 2 bikes :)

The Journey
We loaded our bikes and hit the road from Sacramento to Bodega Bay. There we saw the old Potter School house; the last remaining spot where Hitchcock filmed “The Birds.” Now it’s a gift shop selling movie memorabilia.

After some crow sightings and our fill of “Birds” jokes we rode out on the sand spit that creates Bodega Harbor. The park and beaches there are quite nice, but the foggy, cool weather did not inspire a swim.

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Photography Notes
All of these pics were shot with a 25 year old Olympus rangefinder on good old fashioned 35mm film. Prints were scanned and touched up a little with Photoshop. All the images are compressed for quicker downloading, so they're not quite as sharp as the originals.

Panoramas were patched together with Photoshop. I have trouble matching clear blue skies. The slightest color or exposure difference really sticks out and ends up looking a bit smudgy.